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  • Request e-service notifications to your e-mail

    Knowing that your property is safe and protected gives you ease of mind. To get convenient and quick information about the status of surveillance, request automatic notifications from the e-service to your e-mail address and we will keep you abreast of matters. Whether they are notifications delivered to you, information about the contract and service or maintenance.

  • Smart visitor management system EasyLobby

    We get our first impression of a person or a company within seconds. If you wish to give your guests an immediate positive reaction, impress them with the innovative electronic visitor management system EasyLobby.

  • Primary fire extinguishers for the home and office

    The weather will soon turn autumn cold and bring with it the heating period, which creates a fire hazard in many homes. We are introducing to you primary fire extinguishers that you would benefit from having at home and in the office, the timely use of which will easily help to contain the spreading of fire.

  • Innovative surveillance equipment lounge on the first floor of the G4S headquarters

    Technology has developed quickly in the surveillance field, now offering many convenient additional options. To understand these, you need to touch them and try them out. When planning the new headquarters, we aimed for fitting out a product presentation lounge for G4S products where the customers can get an overview of the newest equipment and technologies. Today, we can proudly invite you to visit us to get to know the innovative demo room and all its contents on the first floor of the G4S headquarters.

  • “4x4 reisid” in Central Asia. Before premiering on TV

    Serious campers and travelling enthusiasts have probably noticed that ETV2 is presently airing the 4th season of “4x4 reisid” titled “Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan”. The show is about the adventures of last summer experienced by the “4x4 reisid” crew. This summer, the restless travellers have already been to conquer Central Asian destinations, accompanied, of course, by the G4S car surveillance. The new season will premier next year, but we can already reveal a few bits of information to you as a G4S customer by giving a short overview of the crazy adventures that are coming up in future episodes.

  • Four myths on cash-in-transit

    In the previous newsletter, we overruled the statement that cash is means of payment perishing before long. Statistics show that regardless of the prevalence of card payments, the use of cash has not decreased over the past few years and forecasts do not see it happening in the nearest future, either. So let us bust a few myths on cash-in-transit that might endanger the safety of companies when taken seriously.


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Did you know that foam and dry powder fire extinguishers require calibrating? Next time our technician visits you, make sure he also checks your fire extinguisher and provides maintenance if needed.

First aid supplies can act as your primary health insurance. Make sure you maintain their useful effect by checking them ervery now and then.

We offer a wide range of training courses in business and security.

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G4S supports triplets Leila, Liina and Lily Luik, whose goal is to represent Estonia in the marathon at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.