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Information protection service

With the needs of corporate customers in mind, we offer information protection service– we provide secure information protection for companies, offering confidential document and/or electronic medium disposal and destruction service.

Close to 90% of the waste generated in the course of daily activity at companies and institutions is paper. Do you care about the environment and wish to act in an environmentally responsible manner, sorting office waste in a lawful manner, so that paper and cardboard would go into one container and general household waste into another container.

It is reasonably certain you have thought about what to do with confidential documents, forms containing personal data, expired archive records, draft documents and contracts and out of date documents, marketing and sales materials bearing your company’s symbols.

Along with subsidiary AS Ühisteenused we offer information protection service that ensures that both paper documents and electronic media are hauled away and destroyed in an environmentally friendly and secure manner.

It’s easy to use the information protection service.

  1. We bring you the collection container,
  2. You choose a suitable emptying date,
  3. G4S's vehicle transports the collection box away,
  4. The data carriers are broken down and the remains are recycled.

Thus the information protection service consists of sealed collection containers, secure transport arrangements, and complete confidentiality in the destruction process – an employee tracks the process at every moment, ensuring maximum security. You can also request that the destruction procedure be recorded for assurance or witness it personally.

Advantages of the service

  • Secure information protection - confidential information will not fall into a competitor’s hands or become public.
  • Convenient – we organize disposal of documents and data carriers for you.
  • Environmentally friendly – collection and destruction of documents is an environmentally friendly activity, as the shredded paper is recycled.
  • No health hazards – you cut down on noise and dust that would be generated by in-house use of a shredder.

Besides paper documents, we also collect, destroy and recycle uniforms, office equipment and all other electronic media from office and retail areas so that they do not later pose a security risk.

The information protection service is used by 1,000 customers – 500 of them every day, including larger banks, financial services providers, government authorities and private companies. As a responsible enterprise, G4S itself has also used the information protection service for years.

For more, visit our information protection service website, where the prices of paper document destruction can be calculated.

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