• Date: 06.04.2020

Dear G4S customers!

As of 18 March 2020, all G4S Estonia customer service offices are temporarily closed due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

In this way, we are protecting the health of our customers and employees and contribute to preventing the spread of the virus.

We already cancelled all previously agreed upon client meetings last week.

So far, the functioning of G4S’ services has not been affected. Responding to alarms is at a good level and all customers have been promptly served. There exists a crisis plan for the operation of the G4S alarm response centre, and the management of G4S constantly monitors the situation, exchanges information, and makes changes to the organisation of work as required.

Disinfectants and protective equipment have been provided for security staff, patrol cars, cash carriers, and technicians. We also provide our employees with up-to-date instructions on how to prevent being infected with viral diseases. We make maximum use of electronic information channels to communicate with each other and have asked the office staff to work from home.

Starting this week, all of our client managers will also be working from home offices. Regarding this, we ask you to perform daily surveillance activities in the G4S self-service at, if possible. 

Queries can still be made and information related to the surveillance services can still be obtained by writing to, calling 651 1800, or opening a chat window on our website at If necessary, we will contact you as soon as possible. For your part, you can help us ensure more operative communication by checking your contact details in the self-service at

In case you want to return, for example, a transmitter of a security system to G4S, we will ask you to postpone the return. However, if you still need to deliver something to or receive something from us, please contact our customer service by calling 651 1800 or writing to for detailed instructions.

Thank you for your understanding and let us keep each other safe.