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G4S is a major partner of the Estonian Basketball Association and the Champions League of basketball, contributing both to the adult national teams and to the development of young basketball players.

Basketball is indisputably one of the most popular sports – one that has long extended past the court boundaries. In Estonia, it’s played in more than 200 clubs and sports schools. Add all the family members and friends and acquaintances who are avid amateur players and the total number of hoops fans reaches into the tens of thousands.

G4S is a major basketball sponsor in Estonia. With our help, Champions League and the national team’s games reach over 600,000 spectators, both at the basketball courts and in front of the TV. In addition to sposoring Champions League and National Team, G4S has aslo been the main sponsor of Estonian Youth Championships.

From the fall of 2013 all 13-19 year old boys and girls are playing on a tournament called G4S Noorteliiga (G4S Youth League). 
The aim of the basketball-oriented field of study established by the Audentes sports school is to gather the most talented young basketball players across Estonia who stand out in the G4S Youth League, in order to offer them the opportunity to unite top-level sports with education, starting already in the 9th grade. Accommodation, catering, education, sports medicine services and top-quality training conditions are ensured to the young athletes training together. Starting from 2016, the groups of boys who train by the sports school play under the name of G4S Youth League in the Alexela KML and Saku I league. The girls’ team participates in the Estonian-Latvian joint league and the Estonian Women’s Basketball League.

Many values that ensure success on the basketball court are important in our business as well. Fair play and self-discipline are just two examples of the values that basketball instils in both young athletes and experienced veterans. As a socially responsible company, areas like this allow G4S to offer society more than it does as merely the world’s biggest security company.