Social commitment

At G4S Eesti we as a company are aware of the social responsibility that our size brings us. It is important to us to support social development in Estonia and the central focus of our sponsorship work is on ensuring the overall security of society and on supporting children and youth projects.

The social direction of our sponsorship for the sake of security in our society is in three areas:

  • Fighting crime;

  • Creating a secure and healthy living environment;

  • Educating children about security in general and offering them activities for their leisure time.

Just like it is in our everyday work, our priority in sponsorship is prevention, not clearing up the consequences. We believe it is better to invest in healthy leisure activities for young people to keep them out of trouble, rather than to wait until things have gone wrong and only then try to help.

In sports sponsorship our principle is to choose a small number of “our” athletes or teams for whom we can be the main or a major sponsor, but we also provide security services on favourable terms at top events of widely popular sports and at mass public sporting events.

It is our aim that the projects we sponsor have as wide an audience as possible and and are as well-focussed as possible. This is why every autumn we decide a clear sponsorship programme and budget for the next year, which covers all our larger projects.

In the course of the year we only review smaller applications and accept only those that conform fully to our sponsorship principles or that are run together with our closest partners.