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Rytmika Elite Team

Rytmika Elite Team is the elite-level Aesthetic Group Gymnastics team of the gymnastics club Rütmika based in Tartu, Estonia.

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a women’s sports discipline which became internationally known in 1996, when the first international AGG tournament was held in Finland. Over the years, the harmonious and rhythmic movements have been replaced by exciting and complicated combinations as well as series of body movements, elements requiring mastery (jumps, balances, turns), collaborations, and impressive lifts. Top teams that can show the audience an extraordinary performance are met with thunderous applause during competitions.

Rytmika Elite Team is the elite-level AGG team of the Tartu-based gymnastics club Rütmika.

In 2018, the girls were competing in the junior category under the name VK Rütmika Junior Team. The team had a very successful season, winning a bronze medal at the last Challenge Cup competition. In final ranking of the competition series, the team scored a podium finish as well, achieving an excellent third place behind teams from Russia and Finland. The successful competition season, which took the team to exciting destinations such as Finland, Austria, Hungary, France, and Brazil, will be remembered for a long time by the whole team.

In 2019, the team is competing in the Senior category or at the elite level under the name Rytmika Elite Team. The choreography has again been made by Antton Laine (Finland), who is an internationally recognised choreographer.

The team consists of 12 girls between the ages of 14 and 17. In order to achieve the goals set for themselves, the team members train six times a week, three hours at a time. The team members are studying in different schools in Tartu and one girl even comes to the training every day from the city of Viljandi (70 km away).

Rytmika Elite Team promises to put their heart and soul into competing for the highest places in the competitions held in Estonia, the World Cup series, as well as the European and World Championships. The goal of the team is to give their very best at every competition.

The beginning of the year 2019 has been successful. At the international AGG tournament held within the framework of Miss Valentine, the team achieved first place.

The international destinations of spring season 2019 are Bulgaria, Singapore, and Spain. The international competitions of the autumn season will be held in Greece and Hungary.