Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments

We are glad to support the wonderful initiative SA Eesti Pillifond – the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments. We mean this both directly and indirectly – as of the end of 2017, G4S will be a major sponsor of the foundation and will also help to keep the valuable instruments secure.

Just like the value of string instruments increases over time and their beautiful sound does not fade over the years if they are handled correctly, we believe that our experience in the security field, too, will only grow and become more valuable over time. This is why we gladly show our support for a highly important project such as the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments.

fidle of Nicola and Giuseppe Gagliano from the year 1723
If necessary, we will store the instruments of virtuosos in our very secure vault so they could keep bringing joy to musicians and listeners for at least as long as they already have. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to join the G4S Home Surveillance Service with a Security Guarantee for free to all young users of the instruments of the foundation for as long as they use them. We are doing this to help our talented young musicians feel safe when practising at home using instruments that belong to the cultural heritage of classical music.        

Read more about SA Eesti Pillifond here.