Sinu eest valvel!


vapruse eestHonouring life-savers

G4S considers it important to highlight young Estonians and recognize their achievements. For that reason, in 2006 the company introduced an award to pay tribute to young life-savers: the G4S order of merit “For Bravery.”

A number of young Estonians have received the award:

Tõnis Pill
Gert Karivere
Timo Teder
Alari Ots
Armando Mõttus
Jarmo Aaviste
Tanel Kilp
Andrek Arusalu
Laura Rätsep
Kerttu Kukk
Kertu Rannak
Georg Alemaa
Aleksei Rožkov
Mehis Kont
Renata Randmaa

G4S Youth Club

For close to ten years, G4S has offered the children of Estonia extracurricular and educational activities. In 2002, the company launched the non-profit association G4S Youth Club and provided the primary funding for the club. The club was disbanded in January 2012.
G4S Youth Club was a children and youth association open to all young Estonians. The Youth Club operated all across Estonia, led by regional supervisors, and offers year-round educational extracurricular activities for children age 7-15.


  • G4S Youth Club won the Bluebird annual prize from the UNICEF’s Estonian National Committee in 2006 and 2010.
  • In 2008, the Union of Estonian Youth Associations gave G4S Youth Club director Triin Maripuu with the title of mover and shaker of the year.
  • In 2010, Tallinn named G4S the most youth and child-friendly company. The city of Tartu named G4S its most conscientious enterprise that same year.
  • G4S Youth Club director Triin Maripuu was given the G4S Eesti 2010 Mover and Shaker title (Aasta Tegija).