Andres Kull

In August 2014, Andres Kull became the Estonian champion for the fifth time in trap shooting at the Estonian championships held in Tallinn.

A year earlier, at the European championships held on 30 July 2013, he reached 14thplace. He barely missed his biggest goal of reaching the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Nevertheless, the 2016 season was especially successful for him. Andres Kull won the 2016 Estonian Cup, and at the European championships in Italy he reached 12th place, the highest of his career. 

In 1984, Andres was the youngest athlete in the Soviet Union to meet the margin requirement for champion athletes; from there on he went to win titles such as the multiple USSR junior champion, Estonian champion in clay target shooting and the best male shooter in Estonia. As Andres himself puts it, age is more of a bonus than a drawback in this sport. The more years of training you have under your belt, the steadier the arm holding the weapon and the sharper the eye are. Right now, he trains three or four times a week and participates in many training camps where the strain is even greater. In the summer, Andres is keen to spend his free time jogging and riding a bicycle, and in the winter, skiing. He also has a soft spot for fishing and hunting.