Trading companies cannot succeed without a safe and secure environment for retail premises, stocks, staff and customers.

For all retailers, the current harsh economic climate means that there are ever more highly variable risks. Ensuring the safety of the company's main assets, its people, premises, products and reputation, is no easy task under such conditions.

G4S knows that a fully effective retailing security solution requires more than placing uniformed staff at the entrance of a shop.

Working closely with our customers, G4S designs solutions which combine our expertise in the security processes and technologies of shops and in the cash cycle with our knowledge of retailing in general. 
G4S is the security partner in Estonia for all the leading retail chains as well as for smaller local retailers.

We analyse both security solutions and cash cycle management at the same time, and this allows us to help retailers operate more effectively, reduce shrinkage, ensure that staff have a safer working environment and customers a better shopping environment.

Before you can find safe security solutions that work, it is essential to be aware of the problems you face and be able to see the security risks. Let us help you see the opportunities that exist for securing your world.