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Seaports are vital arteries of the international supply chain, and their safety and security is of immense importance.

In today’s economy, international port operators face a multitude of risks and problems, which include increasingly strict national security, safety and environmental requirements, economic pressures, organised crime, and international terrorism.

G4S understands the risks and challenges that port operators are facing. We work closely with many customers from the port business all over the world, and this helps us solve and overcome those problems successfully. We draw on this wide experience when creating security solutions for the port operators of Estonia. Our customers include the largest passenger and commercial ports of Estonia, ports that run important domestic traffic between the mainland and the islands, and small ports that cater for tourism and leisure.

We have wide experience of ensuring security services for ports, and a clear understanding and vision of the range of problems facing seaports. This means that our customers can be assured of better protection for their assets, more profitable operation of the port, compliance with all regulations, and consequent stability and consistency.