Logistics and transport

Moving goods and people safely and on time is critical for a successful economy. The pressure to deliver faster, further and for less is ever-present in transport and logistics.

G4S works in many parts of the logistics sector and ensures a safe supply chain by protecting and tracking the assets of our customers at all times. To achieve this, we use resources from across the whole world, covering very different cultures and terrains with our technology, risk consultancy and project management. Our experience in running one of the world’s largest teams of security personnel in highly diverse legal systems is a vital factor in our success.

We use all this to create integrated solutions for the logistics companies operating in Estonia. Our customers include customs warehouses and the infrastructure nodes of communication and energy companies of strategic national importance. We are the security partners of the largest bus companies carrying passengers around Estonia.

Before you can find safe solutions that work, you need to consider your problem as a whole. Let us help you see the opportunities that exist for securing your world.