Financial institutions

Financial institutions face great security risks, which call for high level vigilance. G4S is the world’s leading provider of security solutions for financial institutions. Our experience has shown that the best results come from broad analysis of risks and comprehensive solutions for long-lasting security.

G4S is a reliable partner that works closely with central banks. We combine our wide experience of areas such as cash handling, logistics and automated systems with the extensive expertise that we have gained from handling cash and providing security solutions in very different legal systems all over the world.

We draw on that international experience to create security solutions for the Bank of Estonia as well as for all the major commercial banks. The entire cash handling process for the whole of Estonia takes place in the G4S Cash Centre. We work together with the Bank of Estonia and with the commercial banks to operate cash transportation. Bankcards issued in Estonia are also made under our watchful eye.

We analyse both security solutions and cash cycle management at the same time, and this allows us to help financial institutions manage funds more effectively, protect assets, limit costs and ensure that the end-user is provided with a better service.

Before you can find safe solutions that work, it is essential to be aware of the problems and risks related to the organisation of security and the cash cycle as a unified system. Let us help you see the opportunities that exist for securing your world.