The beach is a place to have fun, to forget about everyday life and worries. But when people relax, accidents can happen and someone has to be there to help if there is trouble. This is the what the lifeguard is for. The lifeguard combines two services, lifeguards and public order maintenance.

The first G4S lifeguard unit started work in 1998 in Tallinn at Pirita Beach. Around one hundred G4S lifeguards are on duty at 20 beaches in summertime across Estonia.

A lifeguard has plenty to do and has to deal with all sorts of requests from finding a missing child to rubbing sun-cream on someone's back.

In many ways a lifeguard is a beach psychologist. This is why training for includes basic psychology alongside rescue and first aid skills. Some veterans have been doing this job for years already, but as the work is seasonal, there are lifeguards from all walks of life. Quite a few teachers, doctors, fire-fighters and sports coaches work as coast guards, as do top swimmers, naturally.