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Avoid false alarms

False alarms do not only have negative impact on the security of your surveillance object and your personal life, but they also affect the security company and the community. False alarms may cause dissatisfaction with the used security system as well as the security company. To decrease the number of false alarms, various measures can be taken. First, their causes should be found. Our experiences have shown that main causes of false alarms are following:

  • entering a wrong code
  • insufficient training of authorised users
  • doors and windows left open
  • pets moving around
  • leaving home and brief re-entry without deactivation of the alarm system (presuming that the delay time of exit would be enough)
  • objects hanging near motion sensors
  • empty batteries of surveillance equipment
  • defective equipment
  • natural phenomena (strong wind, thunderstorm etc)

Cancel a false alarm as soon as possible

False alarms are rarely caused by defective equipment or natural phenomena. Human error is almost always the main cause of false alarms. Errors may happen, but it is essential to remember that in case of a false alarm the client must make a call to the control centre of G4S immediately and cancel the alarm. If a team unnecessarily reacts to a false alarm, it will delay the arrival of help at an actual place of need. Fees have been established for a reaction to a false alarm in all service packages, see the price list here.

Defective equipment needs servicing

If it seems that the alarm was caused by defective equipment or the cause cannot be found, this is a clear sign that surveillance equipment needs servicing. The major hazard in case of a defective surveillance system is that the system may not activate at the critical moment, i.e. upon actual burglary. Repeated alarms caused by incorrect operation of surveillance equipment are false alarms. To avoid them, order surveillance equipment servicing here 

Reduction of the amount of false alarms

To reduce the amount of false alarms, apply some essential measures.

  • Train all users (e.g. children, babysitters, relatives, guests) thoroughly to use the system.
  • Close all doors and windows before activating the alarm system.
  • Ensure correct maintenance of the system (incl batteries).

In case of any doubt that the system may not function properly please contact immediately the security company, who will check the condition of the system and equipment.