Fire Protection Service

Fire Protection Service gives you the confidence that in case of fire you will have a timely alert and the worst consequences can be avoided. If there is a fire hazard, the smoke detector sends a signal to G4S’s Alarm Response Centre, and a patrol unit is sent out promptly to check on the premises. On the scene, the team applies all necessary measures to minimize the risk of fire.


Fire Protection Service is included in the G4S Home Surveillance, but it is also available as a separate service. If a fire alarm is received at the G4S Alarm Response Centre from the security site, a G4S patrol unit will arrive on the scene promptly to determine the reasons for the alarm. The customer or their contact person shall be notified by telephone of the alarm signal received. If the patrol unit finds a fire hazard at the scene, the Rescue Board and the customer or their contact person will be notified. If the incident was a false alarm triggered by the customer, the alert can be cancelled in the first minute using the password.

Fire Protection Service includes: 

  • Around-the-clock electronic monitoring of the fire alarm system on the site by the G4S Alarm Response Centre;
  • Notification of customer or contact person of fire alarms and dispatch of a patrol unit to the scene (additional charge for dispatching the patrol unit).

The monthly fee of the Fire Protection Service is 7,50 € (includes VAT).

Outcall fee for patrol unit is 21 €.