Video surveillance for apartment associations

Do you want to keep an eye on what's going on inside your building, in the parking lot or in the stairwell? G4S can assist you with that. The Videopilk (video surveillance) service for apartment associations has everything you need for a single apartment building to have a proper video surveillance system, which can be extremely useful. There is no need to worry that someone is always watching what you are doing. Our cameras will record video material and we review it only when there has been a case of wrongdoing or in any other event that requires clarification or additional evidence. The new G4S service helps you keep an eye on what is happening on the territory of your apartment association and costs from €3 per month* per apartment. 

Why do we need video surveillance?

In small communities where people look out for each other, it is natural that the neighbor keeps an eye on their neighbor's property. But inevitably, the neighbors do not see everywhere and in larger apartment buildings, it is not possible to know all your neighbors. Security camera recordings help to identify a possible theft or damage at a later time and provides evidence for an arrest and prosecution of a criminal.
It is also important to know that the existence of a video surveillance system on the territory of the apartment association effectively helps to prevent malpractices, accidents and the time and nerve costs associated with their processing - criminals simply tend to avoid places where there is a risk of being caught.

Are the specifics of our house taken into account?
Of course! Each association is reviewed and a suitable number of cameras is determined for a specific house. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the field of video surveillance and we'll help you find the correct places to install the cameras to get the most out of them.

We also help to take into account the legal requirements for filming in common rooms and areas.

What does the Videopilk for apartment associations service include?

Video surveillance system
The service includes everything you need for video surveillance in an apartment building. Depending on the size of the building, a corresponding number of cameras will be installed and a monthly service fee will be determined. However, you do not have to buy the cameras or a video surveillance system, because both are included in the monthly fee of the Videopilk service. This means that if, for example, a camera malfunctions, the G4S will replace it with a new one. The apartment association does not have to pay extra for this.

Installation and maintenance
The price also includes the installation and maintenance of the entire system two times a year. Should any technical problems arise, the G4S Technical Support is there to help. Additionally, if you wish, you can reduce the monthly fee, for example by paying for the installation separately, as a one-time fee.

Video processing
If video evidence is required due to a crime being committed, a G4S employee will secure it for you. You tell us when the event took place, what to look for, and we'll find out if an event recording is available in the archive. This way, you don't have to spend time finding the right place for the recording and extracting it yourself. G4S’s professionals will find the right clip quickly.

How else can we help your apartment association?

The Videopilk service for apartment associations can be combined with other G4S services to help you get even more out of video surveillance.

G4S Nutivõti
The G4S Nutivõti service helps you connect all doors - be it a door to the basement or a parking barrier - into one cloud-based access system. You won’t need any keys or remotes because the service works through the user's smartphone. The monthly fee for pairing a single door with Nutivõti is €12.50 + VAT, plus the cost of a device that makes the service work via Bluetooth. The number of users of the service is not limited and you can add them yourself. 

Patrol service for an apartment association
In case you feel that you need extra protection, our video surveillance service can always be linked to our patrol service. This means that if you notice unwanted individuals on the property of your apartment association or your night’s sleep disturbed or there is a vandal act, you can call the G4S patrol for help. 
Read more here. 

Maintenance of fire alarm alert transmission system
Is your apartment building equipped with an fire alarm alert transmission system?
G4S is the largest fire alarm alert transmission system maintenance provider in its field in Estonia and we have the most technicians with the required certificates in Estonia.
If you have the system installed in your building, you must know that it must be regularly maintained in accordance with the law. Maintenance must be performed by a competent individual with a necessary certificate. Ordering a maintenance service from G4S costs from €20 per month + VAT and the final sum depends on the number of devices in your system. Maintenance takes place at least quarterly and the fire alarm alert transmission system is thoroughly cleaned and tested.
If your building's system already has a maintenance partner, but you want to have the system checked for proper maintenance, you can order a system inspection from G4S. During this process, a G4S specialist will assess the condition of the system and prepare a written summary.
Read more about fire alarm alert transmission systems maintenance here and ask for an offer by calling the phone number 651 1800 or writing an email to

If you need to keep an eye on something, Videopilk for apartment associations will help you out! Contact us by filling out the contact form, calling 651 1800 or writing to

* The service costs 3 euros per month for a 100-apartment building with eight cameras installed, with a customer obligation of 3 years. The monthly fee includes a consultation before installing the cameras, an archive of video material for the past 30 days, installing and connecting eight cameras to the system, maintenance of the system twice a year, one hour of video review service once a month and technical advice from G4S technical support if necessary.