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Home surveillance

Unfortunately just about everyone knows someone whose home has suffered a break-in. It’s an awful feeling. Just like that, everything is gone: items with sentimental value, more commonplace articles and, worst of all, one’s sense of security.

In 2012, 18,628 break-ins were registered in Estonia. But statistics indicate that few attempts are made to break into homes with security systems. If security firms only provide such services to seven percent of homes, why should thieves risk being caught?

Why is G4S Home Surveillance the only security package that is good enough for you?

  • Home surveillance allows you to put together the security plan you need for a monthly fee, including both the equipment and various service options.
  • Home surveillance equipment can be purchased in both wireless and conventional varieties. Wireless security devices are the ideal solution for those who do not want to do the wiring themselves or where it is no longer possible to install additional cables in walls for sensors.
  • G4S will come to your assistance quickly, and is the company with the most patrol units. Everywhere in Estonia!
  • 24h fire alarm. An alert is sent to the Alarm Responce Centre even if the system is not presently armed (not including the case of G4S Outcall service).
  • Home surveillance can be easily managed through our e-service. E-service allows retrieving your home security information whenever needed. Visit the e-service demo account for a detailed overview of its possibilities.

Please see G4S Home Surveillance services and prices here.