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The technical capability of G4S Home Insurance and the largest network of patrol units in Estonia minimise risks in your home. Because the security system is able to detect several danger situations such as burglary and fire – but also flooding, gas leak or sudden drop in temperature, if required – G4S can respond to the situation immediately and do everything in its power to prevent greater damage. Low security risk is the reason we are able to offer you home insurance with full coverage for a very affordable price. But affordable price is not the only advantage of this exclusive insurance package that we have put together in cooperation with the companySeesam Insurance AS.

Benefits of G4S Home Insurance:

  • Affordable price – thanks to the low security risk for G4S’s home surveillance customer.
  • Extensive insurance coverage – satisfies even the highest demands thanks to insurance opportunities that differ from our competitors'. All banks operating in Estonia accept G4S Home Insurance.
  • Zero deductible – if the damage is detected by the security system. G4S Home Insurance has several beneficial features that are good to make use of even when you're at home.
  • Simplicity and speed – all contracts associated with safety can be concluded with the help of a specialist and in one location. We also offer counselling over the phone.
  • Comfort – G4S patrol unit helps to formalise both loss notification and loss report.
  • Secure backing – in the event of complex loss events, your interests are protected by an independent insurance specialist.

Peruse all of the options of G4S Home Insurance by reading the insurance conditions or consulting with our specialists! The insurance risk carrier for G4S Home Insurance is Seesam Insurance AS.

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