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November 2016

Our technical support will help you! With video guides.

  • Date: 23.11.2016
    Author: Kristel Saarm

Video guides have become a relatively common tool for everybody who wants to do something with their hands. You have probably used one of them yourself. After all, a regular cooking show is essentially nothing more than a recorded guide on how to make a cake or some other tasty dish. And with this type of cooking guide everybody can surely manage. The fact that you see exactly when you need to add eggs to your flour and how thick the dough has to be in the end is what makes following such a guide simple.
G4S has now made troubleshooting the most common technical issues of security systems as simple as making a cake with the help of a cooking show.

The technical support department of G4S Estonia deals with different technical problems every day. Many of them – around 70 per cent – are solved without dispatching a technician onto the site.

Our objective is to offer simple solutions for eliminating minor errors. For example, a sensor that issues an alarm does not have to be replaced every single time and a peeping keyboard does not mean that it is irreparably broken.

We have drawn inspiration and ideas from our customers who have wanted to know what they could do to eliminate errors on their own, as summoning a technician is often a paid service. Our first written guides, which we draw up and send to our customers by e-mail, were also based on our customers’ questions and our examples. By today, we have drawn up fifty guides of this kind. In drafting these guides, we make sure that they are as simple as possible, yet informative, and that they contain images that illustrate the solution-finding process. We try to avoid technical language so that the user of these guides would not have to sift through pages and pages of complex and technical materials. Each guide focuses on solving one particular question.

Although paper guides are thorough and illustrated with photos, we wish to make solving technical issues as easy as possible for our customers. This concept is what made us start compiling video guides. When people watch a video, they are able to see with their own eyes which particular spot needs to be pushed to open the sensor and what has to be kept in mind to make sure that everything remains functional when the battery is replaced.
First, answers to the most frequently asked questions people send our technical support are recorded on video. In the videos we have recorded so far, we show people how to replace the battery of their security systems, how to act when a smoke detector issues an alarm for an unknown reason, and how to change the batteries in a wireless smoke detector. Video guides that have already been recorded are available via our homepage.

Naturally, all issues cannot be solved over the telephone or with the help of a guide. 

Regular technical inspections, or maintenance, are needed to keep a security system functional, avoid false alarms, and ensure that it goes off in case of an actual threat, and to make sure that alarms are forwarded to the G4S control centre on time.

Maintenance should be carried out at least once every two years. A service technician who will inspect the entire security system will be dispatched onto your site for maintenance: service technicians inspect or replace batteries, adjust the sensitivity of sensors, and check whether signals are transmitted to the G4S control centre.

You can book a suitable time for maintenance via our e-service on our website at or by calling 651 1911, customer service number of G4S.

When your security system is maintained but a longer power cut has caused the battery to be out of action, the battery in a sensor has died unexpectedly fast, or the smoke detector has “gone insane” and keeps issuing an alarm, G4S’ technical support will come to your aid with advice, guides, and videos. 

Our technical support will help you if:

  • the keyboard is peeping unusually or an error light is on;
  • codes need to be replaced or added;
  • you wish to receive advice on upgrading or updating your security devices;
  • there is doubt that the security system is not functional;
  • you wish to test the technical condition of your security system;
  • you wish to book a technician to have them check the technical condition of your security system;
  • you cannot activate or deactivate your security system;
  • the keyboard does not produce a sound;
  • the keyboard no longer produces a signal when you enter;
  • the keyboard produces a sound signal when you move in the field of view of sensors;
  • alarms go off for an unknown reason;
  • an alarm or some other signal at the site was not transmitted to G4S;
  • you wish to know how to change the batteries of your devices or sensors on your own;
  • your landline telephone becomes a VoIP phone, or internet phone, and your security system sends signals over the telephone.

Do not hesitate to contact us if this list does not include a particular question that concerns your security system. Together, we will definitely find a solution to your problem.

Be sure to keep an eye on our homepage, because video guides on quite a few of the above-mentioned topics will be uploaded soon.

Kristel Saarm
Technical Specialist at G4S