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November 2016

Small Surveillance for smaller surveillance needs

  • Date: 19.12.2016
    Author: Kristjan Mikk

Once the warm summer months have passed and people have raked the lovely autumn leaves, many country homes are often left empty until spring. Like you, most of your neighbours also move back to town for the winter. You have most likely taken your lawnmower and TV set along with you into the city and gathered up all other items from your garden that may attract thieves. Nevertheless, houses that are out of the watchful sight of any neighbours and remain unvisited by their owners for extended periods are easy prey for thieves. Starting from this autumn, G4S offers a completely new surveillance solution designed specifically for such houses that require less surveillance.

Many Estonian families have a security system in their city homes. Nowadays, new houses and apartments are equipped with the necessary cables and sensors even before people move in. Until now, installing security systems in summer homes has been considered too complicated and expensive. And why do summer homes need one anyway? A simple house, simple furniture and furnishings. After all, the most expensive items are all taken along to the city for the winter. And besides, summer homes are often so far from centres that thieves would be long gone with their plunder before a security guard could reach the scene.
Your peace of mind and knowing that everything will be just as you left it last autumn when you return to your country home come spring is much more valuable than a couple of stolen coffee cups.
After all, thieves do not know that you took your chainsaw, microwave, and boat engine with you when you moved back to town. Thieves have to get inside your house in order to find this out. Putting their noses against the glass and peeking in through the curtains is definitely not the way they do this. In addition to broken windows and doors, stained and damaged furniture and rooms that have been turned upside down are often the result. Sometimes thieves even steal old furniture and bedclothes. They have been known to dismantle brick ovens or dig up newly installed water pipes, taking these items along with them as well. Thieves have such freedom of action precisely because they operate in country homes. The owners are very unlikely to return for another couple of months and the closest neighbour is kilometres away. This is how thieves can come and go as they please to fetch items that they fancy on several consecutive days.
Therefore, there are reasons aplenty to install a surveillance system!

Surveys have shown that 80% of our clients have additional real estate to guard in addition to their homes. This is why many of them have requested a simpler security solution from us, thinking about their summer house. Thus, we tried to come up with ways to solve this issue and devise a simpler and compact surveillance system. G4S Small Surveillance was born out of this need. The service has been designed in collaboration with G4S’ technology partner ELDES UAB with specifically small summer and country homes in mind.
Everything required to guard a small house is compactly included in a single appliance that the Small Surveillance service uses. It comes at a fair price and the service includes G4S’ reactions to alerts (Patrol units response fee: 16 €/response).
Small Surveillance includes only one small device: a motion sensor, which is also the central processing unit and GSM transmitter. A SIM card is installed in the device. One can switch the surveillance system of the house on and off by calling the SIM card.
The device can be accessed by both smartphones and keypad telephones and it is easy to use. The only thing to make sure is that the area where your house is located is covered by Telia’s signal. You can choose the numbers used to activate or deactivate the security device by calling and they will be preconfigured by G4S. This means that if a third party knew the number of your security device, they would not be able to deactivate the device if they called the device from their telephone because the telephone number would not be included in the list of allowed numbers. And the best aspect about it is that you can activate the surveillance system of the house when you are already back in town, having forgotten to switch the alarm on, as the device is activated via your phone!
As there is only one security device, you will surely be able to install it on your own. Pick the room that is the likeliest point of entry for trespassers, mount the sensor on the wall according to the instructions, and connect it to the power supply. G4S’ technical support will perform the rest of the necessary set-up procedures, after which your house will be under G4S’ protection.
What happens if the alarm goes off? When the alarm goes off, the Small Surveillance device will immediately forward the information to the G4S control centre and you will receive a notification via text message. The control centre will contact you immediately and a G4S patrol unit will be dispatched to check your house if necessary. If G4S fails to reach you, the next contact person fixed by you is called. G4S patrol units work all across Estonia (exceptions excluded) around the clock. As robberies in country homes mostly take hours if not days – rather than minutes like they do in cities – a patrol unit will reach your house before the trespassers are able to escape.
G4S has a total of 75 patrol units all across Estonia ready to react!
If you are afraid that your summer home is in an area that is hard to find – there are no street names or guideposts –, do not worry. When we enter into a contract with you, we will ask you to give us precise information about the location of the object and will write down the most important waymarks that help patrol units locate your house with ease.
It must be said that the Small Surveillance device can only operate at temperatures that do not fall below –10 °C, which should be enough to keep the surveillance system properly operational in unheated rooms as well.
The device runs on electricity. In case of a power cut, the Small Surveillance device will run on battery for up to 12 hours. If your device’s battery needs to be replaced we will send you a new one.

A smoke detector, an essential device in every home, must not be forgotten either. You can add this small, yet crucial technical wonder to your system for only three euros a month. If there is a fire alarm, G4S will also react and contact you. If needed a patrol unit will be dispatched onto the scene and if there is a fire hazard the Rescue Board will be notified.

You surely want to order Small Surveillance for your summerhouse, country home, or even boathouse!
You can easily do it on our website at On the page, you will have to fill in a short order form. Allso you will find more information and prices for Small Surveillance. Once you have done that, G4S’ customer service will contact you in a couple of days. We will ask you a few more questions to specify things, prepare your contract, and agree on how to deliver your security device.
It is that simple!

Kristjan Mikk
Service Development Manager