November 2016

  • Small Surveillance for smaller surveillance needs

    Date: 19.12.2016
    Author: Kristjan Mikk

    Once the warm summer months have passed and people have raked the lovely autumn leaves, many country homes are often left empty until spring. Like you, most of your neighbours also move back to town for the winter. You have most likely taken your lawnmower and TV set along with you into the city and gathered up all other items from your garden that may attract thieves. Nevertheless, houses that are out of the watchful sight of any neighbours and remain unvisited by their owners for extended periods are easy prey for thieves. Starting from this autumn, G4S offers a completely new surveillance solution designed specifically for such houses that require less surveillance.

  • Change in the terms and conditions of Security Guarantee

    Date: 16.12.2016

    As of 15 December 2016, the procedure for notifying of changing the terms and conditions of Security Guarantee (clause 2.10) will change.

  • GAPID - Intelligent security solution for fences

    Date: 29.11.2016
    Author: Veikko Raasuke

    A proper fence is our first line of defence against trespassers. However, we often do not pay enough attention to the condition of the fence or to whether the fence indeed achieves its objective. We will hereby share with you a few fundamentals about what to keep in mind when it comes to a fence, be it designed to protect your home or a large industrial building, and introduce a new security solution tailor-designed for fences – the new intelligent GAPID shock sensor.

  • Our technical support will help you! With video guides.

    Date: 23.11.2016
    Author: Kristel Saarm

    Video guides have become a relatively common tool for everybody who wants to do something with their hands. You have probably used one of them yourself. After all, a regular cooking show is essentially nothing more than a recorded guide on how to make a cake or some other tasty dish. And with this type of cooking guide everybody can surely manage. The fact that you see exactly when you need to add eggs to your flour and how thick the dough has to be in the end is what makes following such a guide simple. G4S has now made troubleshooting the most common technical issues of security systems as simple as making a cake with the help of a cooking show.

  • Feeling of security starts with knowledge

    Date: 17.11.2016
    Author: Janek Laanemäe

    What to do if an ordinary-looking customer standing in line at the grocery store suddenly pulls out a gun-like object from their pocket, demands that you give them the day’s cash, and in mere moments, the store resembles a scene from a Hollywood action movie? How to stay calm and what to do first in an emergency, whether it be a fire, an inappropriately behaving addict, or a robbery? G4S security training is here to help.