May 2014

The options provided by a modern barrier

  • Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Veikko Raasuke

Office buildings, store premises, other business premises and also housing associations often have problems with ill-intentioned parkers who tend to keep their car in a parking-lot surrounding the building for days, and in worst case scenarios even organise illegal races there.There are several ways for keeping off criminal minds; one of these is restriction of the territory and installation of a barrier in front of the entrance.

Installation of a barrier should be contemplated already in the very first stage of a construction project. It is good if the systems required for operating a barrier (foundation, cabling, detectors) are put in place during the construction of the parking-lot or a building bordered by it. As the installation of a barrier presumes digging, the project must be coordinated with the local municipality beforehand.

If all required coordinations are made and groundwork done, the barrier can be selected. When selecting a barrier, the frequency of use and other factors deemed important must be taken into account. Alarmtec, a subsidiary of G4S, offers in its range of products a barrier Designa Gate 1209, which stands out both with its elegant design and excellent technical specifications, of which supreme energy-efficiency and speed are the most notable.

The barrier saves energy by consuming very little power.If an average barrier uses 200-300 W of power, then Designa Gate 1209 stays around 29-95 W. In stand-by mode, this number is even smaller – only 8 W, provided by a maintenance-free motor manufactured according to an innovative technology. The working temperature of the barrier is -20˚ to +50˚C, which means that in our climate, the device will do without additional heating, but that function can be added if desired. The 250 W heating allows the barrier to work in up to 30 degrees of cold.

The opening speed of Designa Gate 1209 also beats that of many competitive products, starting from only 1.3 seconds(in comparison – other barriers mostly take three to six seconds to open). With such a speed, the barrier can easily be used at metered parking-lots without having to worry that the entrance gets blocked by cars.

The barrier can be operated with a stationary button, a remote, a phone, a GSM modem, a web browser and a special smartphone application. These are extras that come for a fee, but provide you with lots of choices for when the regular control method cannot be used.

The high-quality Designa Gate 1209 is manufactured in Germany. Frankfurt airport, for example, is one of its largest clients, boasting a total of 130 Designa Gate 1209 barriers on its territory. The barrier also regulates traffic in front of the extremely safe headquarters of G4S in Tallinn.

Read the specifications of the product here.


Veikko Raasuke

Technology Development Manager