May 2014

What’s the use of a Net Promoter Score for me?

  • Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Ene Raja

We often fill out various questionnaires and forms to gratify the person asking (who happens to be a good friend) or feeling inspired by an abstract hope to somehow contribute to the well-being of the society. But have you ever realised that actually, when filling in a questionnaire, sometimes you can directly affect your own well-being, too? One of those "quick and effective” tools is the Net Promoter Score survey. 

We have used the Net Promoter Score for measuring client feedback for over a year now, in addition to other methods. Perhaps you have noticed a request in your inbox, after any contact with G4S, to answer two short questions based on your experience? Seems quick and compact, however, we have gathered lots of valuable information based on the Net Promoter Score feedback and have managed to achieve quite a lot with this. We examine client feedback on a weekly basis and plan changes and innovations according to what the clients have noted as important.

From the replies given in the Net Promoter Score survey, we have learned the following, for example:

  • Our clients appreciate quick and competent advice on technology-related issues the most. In February, we added more people to the technical support team to provide help faster. In April, we will start with an extensive multiannual training plan that focuses on the development of professional skills.
  • Clients want to have a faster and more convenient overview of the security services they use. At the end of last year, we opened the e-service that helps keep things under control at a time and place you choose.
  • Good communication skills and helpfulness of attendants continue to be important. We are in the process of establishing the good practice of G4S, that is, a collection of rules that contains instructions and tips on how to better communicate with each other and with clients. 

These are only a few improvements made based on feedback from the Net Promoter Score survey. Of course, we regularly take into account many other suggestions as well and try to respond as quickly and efficiently and possible.

At this point, we would like to thank everyone who has already responded to the G4S Net Promoter Score survey and encourage other to do so as well. The time it takes to fill in is definitely a good investment as the responses we get help us improve our services and thereby increase your satisfaction.

Ene Raja

Director of Customer Service Division