May 2014

  • Four myths on cash-in-transit

    Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Peeter Torim

    In the previous newsletter, we overruled the statement that cash is means of payment perishing before long. Statistics show that regardless of the prevalence of card payments, the use of cash has not decreased over the past few years and forecasts do not see it happening in the nearest future, either. So let us bust a few myths on cash-in-transit that might endanger the safety of companies when taken seriously.

  • Clients ask, we answer: contact persons in e-service

    Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Maarika Haavistu

    Clients have asked us about making changes and granting usage rights in the “Contact persons” section in e-service. Let us reiterate what to keep in mind when entering a new contact person or changing, deleting or replacing the current one, and explain how to grant and restrict usage rights.

  • The options provided by a modern barrier

    Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Veikko Raasuke

    Office buildings, store premises, other business premises and also housing associations often have problems with ill-intentioned parkers who tend to keep their car in a parking-lot surrounding the building for days, and in worst case scenarios even organise illegal races there. There are several ways for keeping off criminal minds; one of these is restriction of the territory and installation of a barrier in front of the entrance.

  • What’s the use of a Net Promoter Score for me?

    Date: 07.05.2014
    Author: Ene Raja

    We often fill out various questionnaires and forms to gratify the person asking (who happens to be a good friend) or feeling inspired by an abstract hope to somehow contribute to the well-being of the society. But have you ever realised that actually, when filling in a questionnaire, sometimes you can directly affect your own well-being, too? One of those “quick and effective” tools is the Net Promoter Score survey.