G4S Home Surveillance Security Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Effective from 1 January 2018

1. Security Guarantee

1.1 The Service Provider shall ensure that the Secured Site is covered by Security Guarantee pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of the Security Guarantee.

1.2 The Security Guarantee shall be valid only for customers with technical surveillance service aimed at the Service Provider’s private customers, where the electronic security system installed and activated at the secured site transmits an alarm signal to the Service Provider’s Alarm Response Centre in the event of intrusion and where the customer’s security agreement includes the response by a Service Provider patrol unit to alarms received from the Secured Site.

1.3 The Security Guarantee shall be valid only with regard to thefts occurring during the term of validity of the security agreement and a time when the security guarantee is in effect.

2. Definitions

2.1  Service Provider  is AS G4S Eesti.

2.2 Customer is an AS G4S Eesti surveillance service customer who meets the Terms and Conditions of the G4S Home Surveillance security guarantee.

2.3 Security Guarantee is the compensation of losses to the Customer pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, in the event of a burglary incident at the secured site.

2.4 Secured Site is the apartment or building used as a dwelling listed as the Secured Site in the Security Agreement. Building is a legal structure with an external shell, permanently connected to the land – a dwelling, a terraced house unit, part of a semi-detached house, sauna or auxiliary building, shed, storehouse, barn, garage. Apartment is a flat including essential parts.

2.5 Security Agreement is an agreement between the Customer and Service Provider for the surveillance and protection of movable or immovable property on the Secured Site. The agreement shall include a response by the Service Provider’s patrol unit to alarms emanating from the Secured Site.

2.6 Household Property is property located on the Secured Site. Not included as Household Property are items located outside the Building, on the balcony, loggia and apartment building common areas, or located in a basement that is detached from the Secured Site.

2.7 Protected Property is the building or apartment which constitutes the Secured Site, and the Household Property within it.

2.8 Theft Incident is theft of parts of the Secured Site or of Household Property located therein, and damage incurred to Protected Property in the course of the theft. Theft shall be considered to be the divestment of property by a third party for the purpose of illegal acquisition thereof.  As an exception, costs of repairing secured property which has been damaged during a theft attempt will be indemnified. A theft attempt stands for unsuccessful theft, which results in nothing being taken.

2.9 Response by Service Provider patrol unit is the dispatch by the Service Provider of a patrol team to the Secured Site in order to determine the cause of an alarm, with the purpose of conducting an external inspection of essential parts of the Secured Site (doors, windows etc) which are visible and accessible to the patrol unit.

2.10 The terms and conditions are these terms and conditions for the security guarantee of the guarded object that are a part of the security agreement. In the case of discrepancies between these terms and conditions and the security agreement, the provisions of the terms and conditions shall apply to the security guarantee. The provisions of the security agreement shall apply to those parts that are not included in the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions have been published on the website of AS G4S Estonia, at www.g4s.ee. The executor reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions unilaterally by giving 1 (one) month of advance notice, if the amendments are necessary for the protection of the interests of the contracting entity or for the protection of the interests of the contractor and if these amendments do not significantly influence the interests of the contracting entity or if implementing the security guarantee causes the contractor more expenses than currently. 

The notification regarding the amendments to these terms and conditions shall be published on the web page www.g4s.ee and in the self-service of G4S. It shall also be forwarded to the contracting entity by e-mail or if the person does not have an e-mail adress, then it will be forwarded by post. If the person who orders does not agree with the amendments, they reserve the right to cancel the security agreement as of the date when the amendments become valid, by informing G4S of this in advance.  

2.11 Term of validity of the Security Guarantee is the interval of time during which the Contractor shall ensure performance of the obligation stemming from the Terms and Conditions. The Service Provider shall notify the Customer of the entry into force and expiry of the Security Guarantee via the AS G4S Eesti website www.g4s.ee and G4S e-service environment. The Service Provider shall notify the Customer of the expiry of the Security Guarantee at least 1 (one) year in advance. The Security Guarantee will not entail any additional payments or monetary expenses compared to the Security agreement.

3. Terms and conditions of the validity of the Security Guarantee.

The Security Guarantee is effective when the following conditions have been complied with:

3.1 The Service Provider’s Alarm Responce Centre has received an alarm signal ("alarm”) transmitted from the activated Service Provider electronic security system on the Secured Site, to which a Service Provider patrol unit has responded or the Customer (or a contact person specified in the security agreement) has itself inspected the Secured Site within 1 (one) hour of receiving the alarm and the patrol unit or Customer (or contact person) has determined that a break-in or theft has occurred and losses have been sustained.

3.2 Upon entry into the Secured Site following the alarm, a burglary of the Secured Site, a theft incident of the Secured Site, parts of it or Household Property has been determined and documented (e.g. list has been drawn up, photos of the traces of the break-in or theft have been taken) and the Service Provider has been notified promptly by e-mail at turvagarantii@ee.g4s.com or by telephone 651 1911.

3.3 The Customer has notified the police of the theft, and followed legal acts and police instructions, and the police has launched proceedings. Before the police arrive, the site may be entered only to prevent the risk of further damage.

3.4 If another person is responsible for indemnifying the losses, then the legal principle of solidary liability applies to the service provider and insurer.

4. Limit on indemnity under Security Guarantee

4.1 The maximum compensation under the Security Guarantee is up to 5,000 (five thousand) euros. The entirety of the damage and expenses caused in one theft incident shall be compensated up to the maximum limit. 

4.2 With regard to the following items of Household Property, the limit is up to 300 (three hundred) euros each: agricultural produce, food, alcohol, animals, birds, fish, money, stamps, bonds, securities, checks, bank cards, documents, manuscripts, drawings, models, forms, data collections, archives, computer software, licences, data stored in electronic form.

5. Customer’s obligations:

5.1 To conduct an inspection of the Secured Site within 1 (one) hour of receiving an alarm notification from the Service Provider and to, in determining that a break-in or theft incident has occurred, to notify the Service Provider immediately if the Customer does not wish that a Service Provider patrol unit be dispatched immediately.

5.2 Upon learning of a theft, to notify the police thereof pursuant to clause 3.3 of the Terms and Conditions and to submit an application for launching misdemeanour or criminal proceedings.

5.3 To submit to the Service Provider, within 3 (three) months, and pursuant to the instructions posted on the website www.g4s.ee, a written application for compensation of damage, substantiate that a theft occurred and the extent of damage, to comply with the instructions from the Service Provider and person authorized thereby for ascertaining the compensation obligation, to file with the police an affidavit and data regarding the facts of the theft incident and stolen items (list, documents, photos). To submit to the Service Provider or person authorized thereby all other requested data, documents and explanations.

5.4 If the Customer has a valid insurance policy covering the Secured Site, to notify the insurance company promptly regarding the theft and to submit to the insurer all of the required documents and data for claim handling. The Customer must notify the Service Provider immediately if the insurer has indemnified the losses from the theft.

5.5 The Customer may not increase the risk related to the Secured Site in a manner that may increase the risk of theft.

5.6 With regard to performance of the Customer’s obligations, the Customer’s family members, tenants, contact persons specified in the Security Agreement and other users of the Secured Site shall be considered equivalent to the Customer. In the Customer’s absence, the Customer is obliged to guarantee that the obligations specified in the Terms and Conditions are performed by said persons.

6. Indemnity

6.1 The losses shall be compensated if the Security Guarantee was in force, if the losses were incurred as a consequence of a theft incident, the Customer and the Service Provider have performed all obligations set forth in the Terms and Conditions, and the losses have not been indemnified by the Customer’s insurer. Only direct property damage shall be indemnified.

6.2 The expenses incurred on repairing damage to interior finishing of the Building or Apartment shall be compensated in their recovery value. Recovery value is the cost of restoring the interior finishing of the Building or Apartment to the condition it was in prior to the theft incident pursuant to the construction standards in force at the time of the restoration. Reasonable expenses needed to restore the interior finishing of the Building or Apartment shall be compensated on the basis of calculations approved by the Service Provider or person authorized by the Service Provider. A part of the Building or Apartment restoration cost that increased due to circumstances arising from the Customer or persons deemed equivalent to the Customer shall not be compensated (e.g. factors related to the Customer’s choices, behaviour).

6.3 Damage to Household Property shall be compensated at re-acquisition cost – i.e. the price of replacing the used objects in the same condition and level of wear shall be compensated. If such items are not available, the price of functionally similar items shall be compensated. In the case of destruction or theft of art, collections, precious items, the actual value prior to the theft incident shall be compensated, i.e. the local average sales price before the theft incident.

6.4 Impairment of value and sentimental value shall not be compensated. Damage caused or increased due to the action or omission of the Customer shall not be compensated. Neither shall components of damage which could not be determined be compensated. Damage shall not be compensated if the Customer failed to perform obligations set forth in the Terms and Conditions. Revenue forgone, personal injury, non-patrimonial damage, purely economic damage, contractual penalties and late interest shall not be compensated.

6.5 The losses shall be compensated by the Service Provider or a person authorized by the Service Provider. The recipient of the compensation shall be the owner or legal possessor of the Secured Site. The indemnity shall be monetary. The damage will be compensated within 1 (one) month of receiving all data pertaining to the facts of the theft and losses.

6.6 After the damage is compensated, the Customer’s claim against the person who caused the damage shall be transferred to the Service Provider. If the recipient of the compensation recovers a compensated item after the compensation is paid, the recipient shall be obliged to cede the item to the Service Provider or to compensate the value thereof.

6.7 If losses are not compensated in the case of a theft Incident, the Service Provider shall notify the Customer of the reasons in writing.

6.8 If the Customer is not satisfied with the compensation or refusal to compensate damage, the Customer has the right to file a written challenge to the Service Provider.