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G4S Car Surveillance comes with a special Web environment allowing you to position the location of the car, plan routes and search for addresses at every time. G4S Car Surveillance Pro Self-Service has even broader functionality, with trip diary, report generation and other features.

Self-service options for G4S Car Surveillance customers


View all vehicle activity in real time and past activity as well.

Most recent vehicle data

The card module allows you to display your vehicle’s location on a map at any time. It shows the most recent speed and heading and the vehicle’s precise address can be found. 

Vehicle routes on map

With just one click, display the vehicle route taken on the current day. Or query past dates and load the relevant route on map. For maximum clarity, the beginning and end points and interim points along the route are marked in different colours. 

Route animation

The integrated graphic and player gives a good overview, making it possible to animate the route on the map and visualize the speed, detect ignition status and the fuel level. If your vehicle has extras such as a blinker or light box, they are also displayed in the player.

Address search

If you need to find a specific location, address search will come in handy. Both in Estonia and abroad, it uses the most up-to-date data, and finding the address for a given site is just a mouse click away.

Route planning and distance calculation

Often you need to plan your route the next day or just see how far you have to drive to get to your destinations. A special system has been developed to easily measure the distance of routes along roads between multiple stopovers.

The state of the art in maps

SeeMe has a wide selection of base maps – consistently high-quality Regio maps of Estonia, very rapidly updatable OpenStreetMap maps, Google maps with global coverage and especially detailed Estonian Land Board maps.

Self-service options for G4S Car Surveillance Pro customers

Trips and trip diary

Car Surveillance Pro self-service environment has a wide selection of base maps – consistently high-quality Regio maps of Estonia, very quickly updatable OpenStreetMap maps, Google maps with global coverage and especially detailed Estonian Land Board maps.

Descriptions of trips as needed

By tracking location of the vehicle and engine operating status, SeeMe prepares a quick statistical overview in a matter of minutes after the end of the trip: the addresses of the beginning and end points, kilometres travelled, moving time and stopped time, maximum and average speed. This information can be used very easily to fill out a trip diary in which the trip is identified as a personal or business trip, the type of trip and driver be specified, and text comments added. 

Trip diary auto-completion

It can be quite a hassle to fill in a trip diary on paper or after the fact. SeeMe allows you to enter the odometer reading at a given moment (i.e. when you remember to) and all interim values will be calculated in just a moment as a result of which the trip diary is auto-completed with only a minimum amount of configuring settings, on the basis of the beginning and end points and whether the trip is personal or business. The trip diary generated by SeeMe is accepted by the Tax and Customs Board as a document.

Service reminders

SeeMe also alerts you when your car is due for service – just enter an odometer reading or total work hours and you will be e-mailed a reminder when your appointment with a mechanic is imminent.


Take charge of your expenses the easy way.

Overview of actual expenses

Just a few clicks and the kilometres travelled, fuel data and standing and moving times can be displayed for an entire vehicle fleet. The SeeMe report module is special in that all reports are presented in comparative fashion, as a result of which it is very easy to notice differences in the use of the vehicles and take any necessary action. All reports can be viewed in SeeMe or exported in PDF or Excel XLS format.

Location-based reports

One of the main advantages of SeeMe is smart use of location data. A number of location based report summaries give a surprising overview of vehicle visit areas, distance travelled and time travelled, and whether the destinations are the personal destinations of the driver or of the company’s customers. As a result, it is very easy to discern patterns or inconsistencies which might be overlooked in ordinary travel or expense-based reports. 

Daily morning overview

One of the report module options most often used is the regular e-mail report functionality. This does away with the need to log in to SeeMe daily – instead, the overview of the period is received every morning by e-mail.

Integrate SeeMe with your own information system

The SeeMe report module makes it possible to export data to other information systems.
The IT-proficient people at your company can help you migrate all of the data automatically to your own information system. This requires only a little development work and relies on standard methods. 

Can’t find a suitable report?

We’ve noticed that even the best information system can’t always satisfy customer-specific needs, so we’ve structured the report system so that we could quickly and efficiently add new outputs based on the needs of a specific company. If you need additional features, we can handle those requests as well.