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Car surveillance

A unique service combining both, standby of a security company as well as possibilities of modern surveillance technology

G4S Car Surveillance guarantees assistance in case of danger and helps to prevent incurring of major damage. Besides car positioning and surveillance G4S Car Surveillance is the only one in Estonia to offer real vehicle surveillance service – constant readiness of a security company and rapid reaction to the alarm from car.

For service installation, special car surveillance equipment forwarding the alarm signal to G4S Alarm Response Centre, shall be installed in your car. In case of danger the car shall be positioned and the nearest patrol unit shall be immediately sent to the location. Also, the car owner shall be promptly notified.

The strengths of G4S Car Surveillance:

  • Rapid reaction of the security company.
  • International service - searching for the car also in a foreign country.
  • Panic button for summoning help in an emergency.
  • Privacy - G4S observes the car only in case of alarm.

Car Surveillance client can make use of a special web environment. This enables to follow movement of the vehicle in real time, examine trip history and if necessary, keep a trip diary.

G4S Car Surveillance functionality depends on the selected packet.

Car Surveillance and Car Surveillance Pro ensure quick reaction of the security company. The only difference lies only in the user possibilities of the client web environment. With Car Surveillance Pro self-service environment enables to use trip diaries and the report completion module. Both include vehicle positioning, surveillance, recording of stops and trip history.

Panic button
This is an additional possibility of car surveillance, which enables to summon help in case of a contingency. May it be an assault or robbery attempt of an aggressive individual. The button shall be installed in a hidden place to keep its use unnoticed by the criminal. Ask for more detailed information on this and other possibilities in G4S offices.