My G4S e-service

G4S e-service is a simple and convenient way to keep an eye on your property. You can see your services, objects, sites, pay your invoices and communicate with our customer service attendants.

Entry into the e-service

If you are a customer of G4S, enter the e-service at user will be identified with an ID-card, mobile ID or bank link. If you are linked to several customer accounts, you can choose your account upon entry.

What can you do in the e-service?

  • Watch surveillance operations in real time! On the opening page, you are provided with the most up-to-date information: look at the status log that is constantly updated and alarms, open alarm reports or book the time for maintenance.
  • Order services and update data!It is very easy to update your contact details, password, propertyand route description. Also you can order maintenance and notifications to your e-mail.
  • Look at the invoice information and pay the invoices with a click of a button!
  • Use our application „My neighborhood"! You will get a full review of incidents involving robbery in your neighborhood, our safety tips and you can see a location of the closest patrol car. From the app you can order regular notifications of the incidents to your e-mail and share information with neighbours, family and friends.
  • Collect useful knowledge!Read our advice and security recommendations for making your home, business and living environment safer.
  • Communicate with a customer service administrator! Send a message and the administrator will reply trough the e-service.

For more information on services and contracts or questions, please contact our G4S Service Centre by calling 651 1800 or send an email to

Enter the e-service here: