Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my movement sensor giving a false alarm?

False alarms from movement sensors can be caused if the sesor is wrongly placed, for example above a heater where temperature changes can be quite sharp. False alarms can also be caused by air balloons, window blinds and curtains. In such cases, the location or sensitivity of the sensors should be changed.

What should I do if the technician doesn't arrive at the agreed time?

Your time is a valuable resource.This is why we make every possible effort to ensure that our technicians make it to you on time. But if it still happens that a technician is late, then please call our telephone service on 651 1911.

Can I continue to use the service if I move house?

Of course you can. If you move house, please let your client manager know about it and the client manager will make all the necessary preparations to change the service contract.

Will the alarm system signals going over the telephone line affect my telephone bills?

By using a telephone line to send alarm signals, your telephone bill will rise in relation to the number of arming and disarming events you make each 24 hours. As an alternative to using your telephone line, you can rent a radio transmitter for a monthly rental fee of 7.20 EUR. The third option is to use a GSM communicator, which transmits signals via SIM card.

How long is the reaction time of a patrol unit?

The average reaction time of G4S Eesti to an alarm is six minutes. You should remember though that patrol units cars of security companies do not have emergency vehicle rights or blue lights, so a patrol unit reacting to a security alarm must follow the same rules of the road as all other traffic and its reaction time can be affected by traffic jams and other hold-ups.

Does a patrol team call-out always incur a separate fee?

Patrol unit call-outs are NOT ALWAYS charged a separate fee. This fee depends mainly on your service package and the reason for the call-out.

Does a technician call-out incur a separate fee?

A technician call-out is charged separately, except for guarantee related work.

Does regular maintenance during the guarantee period of the equipment incur a separate fee?

Regular maintenance is charged for.

How long is the guarantee period of the equipment?

G4S Eesti gives the alarm system equipment a one-year guarantee. The guarantee period starts from when the alarm system equipment is handed over to you.

What is excluded from the guarantee?

The cost of repairs or replacements to alarm system equipment under guarantee are covered by G4S Eesti, except in the following cases:

  • If the alarm system equipment has been damaged or made less reliable by the client or any third persons or by Force Majeure;

  • If the alarm system equipment has been damaged or made less reliable due to incorrect use, for example if the battery capacity has decreased due to unstable voltage, there is mechanical damage to the equipment, changes in the environment are unsuitable for the equipment, or similar cases;

  • If maintenance or repairs to the alarm system equipment have been performed by a third party.

Does the alarm system work during a power cut?

As a rule, the alarm system has a backup power source, so that it will continue working even after mains power has been lost.

If I have ordered an electronic bill, then can I also order a paper bill?

The system for issuing bills is structured so that you can get either an electronic bill or a paper bill, but not both.

How much does it cost to call G4S?

If you dial the number 651 1911 the cost of the call will depend on the rate provided by your telephone service operator. When dialling the short number 1911 telephone service operator charge is applied in addition to the regular service fee. This price applies to all calls, regardless of the phone service used.

Are my calls being recorded?

We record all calls in order to provide you with best customer service and maintain constant quality control.

How can I change the contact person of a guarded object?

The easisest and most convenient way to change a contact person is though our e-service.

We can also do it for you if you send a request to the e-mail or a letter to the address Paldiski mnt 80, 10617 Tallinn.