Smart Surveillance Security Guarantee

All clients of  Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses will enjoy a SECURITY GUARANTEE.

We guarantee that G4S Small Surveillance for Small Businesses is so good that your assets will be safe from any and all burglars. If we aren’t fast enough to protect the inviolability of your assets, we’ll indemnify you for the losses. No deductible, no exceptions, and no major time expenditure. We’re offering this pledge because we are confident in our service quality.

To receive fair compensation for your losses, please take note of the following conditions:

  • You must be a client of G4S Small Surveillance for Small Businesses
  • The security agreement must be active (the agreement must not be suspended/terminated).
  • ​The security system must have been armed during the time of the intrusion/burglary.
  • The security system must be in working order as a result of regular service.

The maximum compensation is 5 000 euros, which in most cases is more than enough. You won’t have to worry about paying a deductible, either – there is none.
Damage to property (goods, technology, office furniture, etc.) will be reimbursed completely at reacquisition value. In addition to property, the guarantee also covers interior fittings. Therefore, your workspace will still look nice, as we will reimburse the costs of fixing the damage done to the interior fittings at restoration value.

If you’d like additional information on the G4S Small Surveillance for Small Businesses security guarantee, have a closer look at the terms and conditions here.

When you’ve been visited by unwelcome guests

It is essential to remain calm. Make sure none of your employees are hurt and proceed as follows:

  • Notify the police immediately and follow their instructions. Before the police arrive, you may enter the site only to prevent the risk of further damage.
  • The Security Guarantee is valid if you notify G4S Alarm Response Centre by calling 651 1911 within 1 hour and the patrol unit that arrives documents the break-in/burglary.
  • File a crime report with the police.
  • If your business was insured, notify your insurer immediately as well, providing the company with all of the details necessary for claims handling. If your insurance company covered the damage, notify G4S immediately at
  • Within 3 months of the break-in/burglary, send G4S (
    • a signed damage report
    • copy of identity document
    • police certificate regarding submission of the crime report
    • evidence on the reasons of the case and the financial extent of the losses
    • copy of the insurance policy (if the security site was insured)
  • Fill the instructions of G4S and the claims adjuster and answer all of the questions.

If you need help filling out the report or need additional information, call 651 1911 or send your question to