Video Security

To sign up for G4S Video Security, call 651 1911 or visit a G4S office near you. G4S will take care of the rest:

  • First a technical solution outline scheme is prepared for each site, laying down the system architecture and operating principles.
  • From that point, a custom data link will be built between the site and the G4S Alarm Response Centre, at which point, the installation of the video surveillance system itself can be tackled.
  • After the video surveillance system is installed and configured, detailed system build documentation and guidelines for video surveillance are prepared for each site. These materials specify the detailed system architecture and instructions for the G4S Alarm Response Centre on conditions for provision of service and special features of the site.
  • At this point, the service is ready to go online.
  • Immediately after the system is activated, the video surveillance system will be under heightened scrutiny by the system admin to ensure that the system is launched without a hitch and providing an additional opportunity to fine-tune the system.

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