Video Security

Video monitoring and analytics are the core component of G4S Video Security. In addition, G4S provides all the other components needed to offer customers quality video surveillance service, takes care of system design, delivery and installation of the surveillance equipment.

What’s included in the G4S Video Security basic plan:

  • Surveillance service – three options that can be used separately or in combination based on needs and the particularities of the site:
    • Alert-based video security – an operator performs visual inspection of the video footage if an alert signal is received at G4S Alarm Response Centre. Recommended for use in conjunction with video analytics-enabled cameras on sites where there is not much movement or where analytics can more effectively detect security threats. In general, video analytics is image analysis in certain conditions, such as when people or vehicles enter an area or cross a certain boundary, aimless movement within a defined area, disappearance or appearance of objects in the camera’s field etc.
    • Video patrol – the security site is checked via video at agreed-upon times or intervals. Recommended for sites which do not have to be constantly kept under surveillance but which must be checked with certain regularity, with a log kept of whether the site status and activities going on there meet the desired criteria.
    • Online video surveillance – the G4S video operator conducts continuous surveillance of the site via video link. Recommended for sites where many movements take place that require constant monitoring, and which cannot be analyzed solely by using video analytics.
  • A license for Milestone XProtect throughout the term of the agreement.
  • Continuous monitoring of the system and all of its components.
  • Separate data link between the security site and the G4S Alarm Response Centre with the goal of ensuring operating reliability and data security of the connection.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance of the video surveillance equipment with the goal of ensuring operating reliability of the video surveillance equipment:
    • Remote maintenance once a month.
    • On-site maintenance once every six months.

Optional enhancements

  • Patrol unit responds to alerts – if an alert is registered, G4S will immediately dispatch a patrol unit.
  • Video recording service – if the customer does not have a server on site for recording video, the G4S server can do the recording. The recordings will be retained for at least 31 days.
  • Leasing video surveillance equipment

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