Video Security

G4S Video Security is a versatile video surveillance service powered by Milestone’s XProtect platform and is based on combining intelligent technologies with a rapid response to alerts. Images from cameras connected to G4S Video Security are always transmitted to the G4S Alarm Response Centre, which allows the object to be tracked remotely, leading to greater efficiency in identifying and registering alerts and monitoring the system.

Milestone is a world-leading provider of IP-based video management solutions and their software is in use on more than 100,000 sites. Milestone’s XProtect video management software is based on an open platform, meaning that third parties can develop add-ons for giving new functions to the video surveillance system and integrating it with other systems. The best examples of such integration include innovative video analytics solutions, vehicle licence plate ID, cashier station surveillance, access systems, IP door entry systems, and automated building systems.

Compared to traditional technical security solution, G4S Video Security allows a markedly higher level of site security. In addition, the service can serve as an important enhancement and, in many cases, a more cost-effective alternative to on-site manned security.

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