Integrated business surveillance package

We are introducing a new security solution designed especially for our business clients called the G4S integrated business surveillance package. In developing this new package, we relied on the results of the study carried out by TNS Emor among Estonian top executives, which showed that more than 50% of business clients were interested in integrated, all-in-one security solutions.

The G4S business surveillance package is suitable for medium-sized and large companies.

The service is a "all-in-one-price” deal, which aims to offer businesses convenient security solutions without burdening them with additional expenses connected to the individual purchasing and installation of technical devices and numerous related services (such as maintenance, breakdown repair and patrol unit responding).

The integrated business surveillance package is perfect for companies wishing to buy integrated security solutions from one service provider.

After you have joined the integrated business surveillance package, G4S will take care of all your security issues.

The integrated business surveillance package includes:

  • integrated technical surveillance services – patrol unit responding (not including in the case of separately priced alerts);
  • the use of surveillance devices – upon the termination of the service contract the devices need to be returned to G4S;
  • the installation of security devices;
  • the regular annual maintenance of the devices – the maintenance services include the fixing of holes and changing of batteries;
  • the visits of a technician to repair breakdowns;
  • a warranty for the devices during the period the contract is valid.

Advantages of the business surveillance package:

  • convenience – it is an all-in-one security solution available for a single monthly fee;
  • security – the maintenance and warranty of the devices is provided by G4S;
  • affordability – no need to invest in the purchasing of any devices;
  • top quality customer service – your problems will be solved quickly and free of charge;
  • contract to be entered into without a term – guarantees flexibility and a customer-based approach;
  • ease of use - business surveillance can be easily managed through our e-service. E-service allows retrieving your business security information whenever needed. Visit the e-service demo account for a detailed overview of its possibilities.

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