Event Security

When organizing an event, security is as important a consideration as any other. Take time to think through the security arrangements. Contact G4S early on in the planning phase, and leave the dealing with security risks to us.

G4S offers the following advantages in ensuring public order and general safety and security:
  • we use personnel with security guard qualifications, who have undergone thorough background checks, have the necessary language proficiency and have passed the necessary training
  • we have extensive, longstanding experience in handling security for various events
  • we summon G4S patrol units when necessary
  • we have constant communication with the G4S Alarm Response Centre
  • G4S’s operating risks are insured with an international liability insurance policy worth five million British pounds
  • close cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Administration and local governments

G4S ensures public order and general security pursuant to a security plan. The security plan is compiled with the customer and approved with the police prior to the event.

In addition to providing security, G4S offers the following:

  • access control, through ticketing and security checks (including checks for hazardous items and substances)
  • safekeeping and security service for property such as equipment, on-stage equipment
  • perimeter security
  • backstage or stage front securityspecial area security (VIP lounge, underage or alcohol sales areas)
  • personal protection service for artists, performers and VIPs

The security team is led by a leader with experience. The head of security takes part in meetings called by the customer for discussing security issues. For major events, experienced segment directors are also part of the team; they coordinate services in a specific respective area of responsibility.

When you choose G4S, you ensure that your security complies with Estonian Security Act requirements that at least half of the security personnel used have security guard qualifications (Subsection 9 (3), that all of the security guards used are at least 21 years of age (Subsection 22 (1) and they have no prohibitions on working as a security guard (Subsection 23 (1). For more, consult the Security Act (Turvaseadus).

G4S’s security employees wear a standard uniform and are equipped with an official badge, communications device, pepper spray, handcuffs, rain cape and flashlight (torch).

If necessary, G4S patrol units are promptly summoned for backup. The police and/or Rescue Service are kept apprised of situations.

In Estonia, G4S has 75 patrol units in constant readiness, of which 32 are based in Tallinn and Harju County. The G4S patrol vehicles have GPS devices that allow locations, speeds and trajectories of cars to be tracked in real time. Thanks to its technology, the Alarm Response Centre has a full overview of which teams are available and engaged at any given moment. The members of the team are equipped with special equipment and communications devices (handcuffs, pepper spray, fire extinguishers, first aid supplies and tools for rescue operations) and have undergone in-service training on evacuation of people, first aid and behavioural psychology for use in extreme situations.

Besides events, we also offer a number of other services:

  • we organize parking in cooperation with our subsidiary AS Ühisteenused
  • we help in rerouting traffic with temporary road signs, preparing and seeking official approval for detours and traffic schematics, and regulate traffic in cooperation with our subsidiary AS Ühisteenused
  • we provide courier service for cash and valuables (box office, food service, ATM bank bus)
  • video surveillance solutions
  • technical surveillance solutions
  • patrol service
  • lifeguard service
  • rental of radio transmitters, UV lamps, entry stamps etc
G4S is prepared to meet with you personally to discuss the details of provision of service. We always take into account customer wishes and needs and offer only professional solutions.