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Cash360 – the most efficient cash solution for your business

Cash360 is an innovative cash transportation and processing service that is based on technology and self-service more than before, providing you with a flexible option for managing your finances. The main advantages of the service are safety and potential savings on labour costs arising from safekeeping and counting of money.

G4S sularahavedu- ja töötlus

The Cash360 service includes several great aspects that guarantee the absolute safety of your money:

  • Smart Safe for depositing and/or withdrawing cash;
  • possibility to set different user rights of Smart Safe for the client’s personnel, cash transporter, and maintainer;
  • maintenance portal for monitoring cash flows in real time and, if necessary, 24/7;
  • various reports that can be issued in real time;
  • cash transportation and processing service;
  • equipment maintenance.
Cash 360 Smart Safe

We will install a special Smart Safe to your premises for you to be able to insert and withdraw cash at any time you like. The safe will count all notes automatically, freeing you from this bothersome task. Therefore, you spend less time and economise on labour costs.

Choose a Smart Safe suitable for you:

  • Smart Safe for safekeeping banknotes;
  • Smart Safe for safekeeping coins;
  • Smart Safe for safekeeping and withdrawing banknotes;
  • Smart Safe for safekeeping and withdrawing coins.
Cash360 nutiseif

Fix a suitable emptying plan:

  • regular emptying of Smart Safe;
  • monitored emptying (G4S monitors the amount of money in the safe and empties it when the amount reaches a certain level).

Monitor all cash-related activities and cash flows from the Cash360 maintenance portal:

  • who entered money into Smart Safe and how much;
  • when and how much did the G4S couriers issue; etc.

Why Cash360?

The Cash360 service creates great additional value to your business:

  • Savings on labour costs and investments to money counting if it was performed manually on site;
  • No concerns regarding errors in money counting – Smart Safe counts all entered notes or coins automatically, identifying the damaged banknotes;
  • No waiting for the G4S courier, as they can operate independently using Smart Safe;
  • In turn, G4S couriers do not have to wait on the client;
  •  If Smart Safe includes the cash withdrawing function, it is possible to replenish cash supply at any moment, without having to wait for a courier.
Cash360 lisaväärtus

To find the best solution for your business, contact us. We will send our specialists who will get to know the peculiarities of the company’s operation and advise you thoroughly.