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Nutivõti - a smart keyless access system

It's a digital smart access system that uses the user's smartphone. Say goodbye to keys and keycards!

G4S Nutivõti is a cloud-based service that combines all necessary locks into one web-based access system. It's a perfect solution for gyms, training centers and other companies, where customers need to have temporary access to places, but it also works for large corporations with many employees. G4S Nutivõti allows access for a specific timeframe or only to certain rooms.
G4S Nutivõti can also be used with turnstiles, turnpikes, car gates and the doors of display cases and lockers. The smart system even allows for the control of a padlock.

How does G4S Nutivõti work?
G4S Nutivõti is an access system management portal that combines the locks of a company into one system. Doesn't matter which door is locked or what needs to be accessed, regardless of location.
The owner of the system can let users access specific rooms, either for a limited time or permanently. This can be done in real time or in advance, exactly as the situation demands.
The user will receive an email with a registration link. After installing the G4S Nutivõti app into their smart phone and registering, the mobile phone is tied to the access rights of that specific user. 
Getting access requires only that the user has a Bluetooth-capable smartphone on their person. If the phone is lost or the access rights are revoked, the system owner can deny access for them immediately.

For whom is G4S Nutivõti recommended?
We believe that the companies that benefit the most from G4S Nutivõti are the places with the most customers, employees and visitors, so that includes all larger establishments and companies.
G4S Nutivõti access system is also a convenient solution for companies where customers and employees vary and move around alot, like gyms, hotels, airbnb homes, construction sites, small harbours and rental spaces like office hotels and kids birthday rooms.
G4S Nutivõti is also suitable for objects where internet-based access systems are difficult to use, because Nutivõti does not require an permanent internet connection.

You already have an access system?
That won't be an issue! You can combine the G4S Nutivõti with an existing access system, making it smart and cloud-based. The process is fast and the best thing about it is that you don't need to install any cables or change any locks - we just install an extra module that allows the lock to communicate with Bluetooth. 
The existing mechanical locks won't also be an issue – those can be made electronical by installing an extra module that allows you to control them through our cloud-based service.

Need an entirely new solution?
We will install digital lock systems and solutions for your doors, which work through the G4S Nutivõti access system.
No keys or keycards that need to be handed out and collected afterwards. Doors, turnstiles and lockers that use the G4S Nutivõti will open conveniently using only the user's smart phone.

There is no need to spend a lot on modernizing access systems at once, because if you do not want to buy locking systems outright, their cost can be added to your monthly fee.

You allways have a support from G4S
Nutivõti differs from other similar systems - we provide support to Nutivõti service. Anytime you have a problem, just give us a call!

G4S Nutivõti will grow with your company
The system allows for an unlimited number of users and doors, meaning that if your company grows, so does G4S Nutivõti. The best thing about it is the fact that you don't need to pay a fee for each user added. Unlimited number of users is included in your monthly fee from the very start. 

Secure and always modern
G4S Nutivõti's software and hardware is entirely cloud-based, but you don't need to worry about security. The system is being modernized constantly and we use only the newest and most secure solutions. New software updates are automatically available for all users.

Contact us by filling in the form or call us 651 1800 and we will tell you in greater detail, how your company can benefit from G4S Nutivõti.