Maintenance of security systems

Most of you have probably had to deal with false alarms which cause inconvenience for you and the employees of your company. G4S knows from experience that most false alarms are caused by broken or neglected security devices. As all technical appliances, from time to time, security devices need maintenance.

Why do security systems need maintenance?

Security devices which are properly installed and receive maintenance ensure that the system works properly in every situation. Only a properly working security system which receives regular maintenance will help you detect and avoid larger damage and will keep away unwanted visitors as well. It will also help avoid false alarms, enabling the patrols of G4S to respond quicker to real burglaries and panic situations.

Why choose G4S as your partner for the maintenance of your security systems?

People who provide security services are the best people for maintaining your security systems. G4S is the largest security service provider in Estonia and we have the largest security systems maintenance crew who ensure that systems are checked regularly and perform corrective maintenance of security systems all over Estonia.

If G4S already maintains some of the security systems in your company, it is wise to order the maintenance of the other systems from us as well because it will make maintenance of systems more convenient, less time-consuming, and less expensive for you.

How is maintenance of security systems carried out on site?

Generally, maintenance of security systems is divided into two categories.

Regular i.e. scheduled maintenance is the examining and checking of systems which is done regularly at a predetermined time. During maintenance, a maintenance technician will:

  • conduct the required checks
  • test the system and its signal transmittance
  • check whether the system is suitable for the environment
  • do the necessary updates for the system and
  • advise to the client on whether their devices need to be relocated or whether the system needs to be improved.

Security systems must receive regular maintenance at intervals suggested by the manufacturer or stipulated by the law.

Emergency i.e. unscheduled maintenance is an option stated in the maintenance contract which allows you to call a technician to the site if the system malfunctions or there is a problem with it. The aim of unscheduled maintenance is to find the source of the problem and eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Check the chart to find out which security systems G4S provides maintenance for and how often it should be done:

How can the technical support of G4S be of service to you?

Technical support is a team of G4S specialists who provide technical advice to all the clients of G4S. Through technical support, the clients of G4S can receive technical advice and help on the phone. Our technical support team also makes video instructions and guidelines for end-users, so that they could do easier maintenance procedures themselves and take better care of their system. You can find the instructions at the self-service of G4S or at our website.

How can I order maintenance for my security systems?

If you want the maintenance team of G4S to take care of your existing security systems, then get in touch with our maintenance technician or customer service. Let us schedule the first system check and agree on the price, after that we can enter into a contract for your systems to be checked regularly. After the first check, the next planned maintenance calls will be done at intervals suggested by the manufacturer or stipulated by the law. The maintenance contract will be entered into for an unspecified term but not for less than a year.

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