The rapid growth in the number of office buildings and premises in Estonia has increased the demand for a professional receptionist service.

G4S receptionists:

  • Speak several languages;
  • Are trustworthy and have a sense of responsibility;
  • Know how to act in emergencies and can contact the G4S security centre if needed and get a patrol team sent to the site;
  • Know how to give first aid;
  • Can direct evacuations;
  • Ensure that security measures are fully legal and follow standard practice;
  • Monitor the working condition of the security equipment.

A G4S receptionist learns your standard working procedures and follows your instructions to ensure your needs are met:

  • Preventing unauthorised people from accessing the building;
  • Answering the telephone and receiving and forwarding messages;
  • Being the first to receive visitors;
  • Taking care of visitors;
  • Taking visitors to their meeting with you;
  • Printing letters, sending faxes and emails, making photocopies;
  • Registering incoming and outgoing correspondence and organising its delivery;
  • Organising the courier service, and more.

The receptionist service provided by G4S:

  • Allows you to concentrate on your main business;
  • Reduces the volatility of personnel;
  • Is profitable;
  • Means you will never have an unstaffed reception desk because someone is ill or for any other reason, so you won't have to chase around looking for someone to cover the desk or distributing tasks between other employees.

Our receptionists have completed high-level training in customer service, security risks and appropriate behaviour for a service company, and basic security guard training.