High-quality first aid equipment at a great price

G4S is an international company that specialises in providing rescue and security services. Providing help in emergencies and preventing accidents is a key part of our daily work.

Occupational safety matters more and more and it is important to be able to provide basic first aid. If someone needs help before an ambulance can arrive, professionally administered first aid may save them from serious harm. This is why it is important to always have the correct first aid equipment at hand and ready to use.

In security work following an accident, high-quality first aid kits are vital, so we choose our equipment with great care. This means that we can be sure to offer you the best first aid kits available.

Our product selection covers first aid kits intended for various purposes and we also sell the individual products separately. We can also tailor first aid kits specifically for your wishes and needs.

The first aid kits offered by AS G4S Eesti are registered in the State Agency of Medicines.

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