Designing and installing

G4S Eesti offers integrated security solutions with high-quality equipment from design to installation and maintenance.

1. Security consultations

2. Developing the security concept

A security concept covers all the possible principles and considerations for ensuring security in your company; more specific technical security designs will be developed and improved from this starting point.

When preparing a security concept:

  • We will determine and analyse your dangers and risk factors, taking into account the specific needs of your business, the location and construction of your buildings and many more factors;
  • We take full account of your preferences and priorities when ensuring your security.

3. Designing and installing security systems

When we implement your security concept, we offer a technical solution together with the security equipment, installation work, instruction manuals and staff training.

The security equipment is provided by
AS Alarmtec under a framework contract with G4S.

G4S Eesti also has a certificate from the Estonian Rescue Board for designing, installing and maintaining automatic fire alarm systems.

4. Maintenance of security systems

Regular maintenance of an alarm system ensures that it is in good working order at all times.

We perform:

  • Regular maintenance work such as inspecting the condition of your system and its components, making adjustments and cleaning it.

Any faults discovered during inspection and maintenance are fixed. If the inspection shows that the security situation has changed, for example because partition walls have been built or the location of furniture has changed, then we wil suggest how you can improve your system. If necessary, we will provide additional training for the users of the system.

You can alert us to any faults in the security system and get help around the clock by calling the emergency number 651 1911.