As the leader in the security field and one of the largest employers in Estonia, G4S is also active in a number of professional associations where it contributes to the development of the Estonian entrepreneurial environment and the security services field.

The Association of Estonian Security Companies(ETEL) was established in 1993 by leading security companies with the goal of uniting as wide a circle of security service providers as possible and to represent its members’ common interests in dealings with central and local government and other institutions. An important area of activity is developing cooperation with law enforcement authorities and other interested parties in matters pertaining to security in society.

The Association of Estonian Security Companies devotes constant attention to shaping the relations between its members in the spirit of good business practices and following principles of fair competition throughout the security market. Belonging to the association is a token of the company’s heightened requirements and also indicates to customers that the company is more trustworthy.

We were one of the founding members of the Association of Estonian Security Companies in 1993. As a leader on the Estonian security market we take a serious attitude toward our market leader’s role of making society more secure. With our active participation in the Association, we make a significant contribution to ensuring the development of the security field.

The Estonian Defence Industry Union is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 and dedicated to representing and defending membersinterests, creating new opportunities in relationships with consumers, developers and manufacturers of defence industry products, promoting cooperation with Estonia and international organizations, and collecting, distributing and intermediating to its members and the public information pertaining to the Union’s area of activity.

G4S has been a member of the Defence Industry Union since 2010. Membership is important for G4S as we are part of an international security group and also have experience providing security in defence structures around the world. With our active participation in the Estonian Defence Industry Union, we make a significant contribution to ensuring the development of Estonian national security.