The G4S Sports Club was founded on September 12, 2000 to give G4S staff the best possible access to sporting facilities. Today, the club has more than 650 members.

The sports club is organised so that members can participate in teams where they play one or several sports or they can just be a member of the club. Each team or section decides for itself which sports it wants to play, and is free to use its own initiative in deciding. The management of the sports club helps with renting sports facilities and with buying sports equipment.

The purpose of the club is to give G4S employees access to healthy
activities and sports in their leisure time, not to participate in any top-level sports.

The management of the sports club sets the annual membership fee, and at present the annual fee for
G4S employees is € 25 (€ 13 for security staff).

The initial joining fee for the sports club is € 13 for G4S Eesti staff.

The annual fee for members from outside the company is €190.
The joining fee for members from outside the company is € 95.

Membership of G4S Sports Club gives you:

  • Free use of the sports facilities where the club has training times booked;

  • The right to wear the club badges and represent the club and your company with pride;

  • Free or discounted entrance to major events where club teams are participating;

  • Healthy activity and a wide circle of friends in G4S.

For more information contact:
Henri Alt
Telephone: 651 1872, 5345 8830

Bank account No. 22 101 638 0577